What Make Us Different?

Magic with Frank and Award

Trainer Frank

1. Professional, proven trainers.  Our record speaks for itself. Graduates have been successful in local, regional and national titles Field Trial, Hunt Tests, and as GREAT hunting companions

2. We limit our training to 18 dosg at a time.  This will allow us to spend more time developing each dog for your needs. 

3. We train regularly with live birds and they are included in the training fee.

4. The training grounds we use are unmatched in Maryland on 440 acres with many natural and technical ponds. 

5. State-of-the-art boarding facilities plus multiple airing yards of green grass to stretch and play.

 6. Real hunting situations (including boats, blinds) for the hunting dogs to train from. No simulation here. We train the real thing. 

7. We will always be honest with our assessment of your dogs.  Our goal is to help get you the dog that will work for your individual goals.  We will not push or hurry a dog if the dog is not ready. Trainer Frank says, "I'd rather send dogs home happy and untrained then break them into a shell of what they once were".  

8. Real Love and affection.  Unlike most kennel experiences, your dog might not want to go home and will want to come back.

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Walker Branch Retriever Pack